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Welcome to the world of forensic mystery author

P.L. Doss!


“The dead tell us more than the living sometimes. And they don’t lie.”

- Hollis Joplin


“I tend to leave out the human factor. Something Hollis never does.”

- Tom Halloran


“Doss’ twisty, curvy plot dishes out the goods …. A murder mystery that sneaks up, takes hold and refuses to let go.” 

Kirkus Reviews (Read the whole review here)



The Joplin/Halloran Mysteries

Hollis Joplin, veteran investigator with the Milton County Medical Examiner’s Office, isn’t thrilled when he meets Tom Halloran, hotshot attorney, in Enough Rope. Halloran butts into investigations, interviews witnesses against direct orders, and otherwise makes himself a pain in the behind.

So Joplin’s really not thrilled when Halloran turns out to be the attorney of the dead woman who’s not dead in Blood Will Tell.

Yet even the world-weary-loner, drinks-too-much-Yuengling, prone-to-the-Blue-Funks Joplin has to admit Halloran asks good questions, and occasionally comes in handy when Atlanta’s arts scene needs some unobtrusive surveilling. Besides, Halloran’s wife Maggie is like the sister Joplin never had.

Maybe partners come into your life when you need them, whether you want them or not.