Blood Will Tell

Enough Rope by P. L. Doss

Well written, keeps your attention, and at least in my case I could not begin to guess the outcome. A great entertaining read start to finish.
- Ronald H, Amazon
I enjoyed Blood Will Tell and as I'm sure you all know an ending that I don't see coming is always something I love! I recommend this one for sure. 
- Angel Erin’s Book Obsession


Blood Will Tell

Hollis Joplin is back on the job after being attacked and almost killed three months earlier. When he's called to a scene that's unlike any he's ever encountered before, he wishes he’d taken more sick leave: Libba Ann Woodridge, beautiful young widow of a much older (and wealthier) businessman, has been found posed upright in her bed, the linens and walls around her drenched in blood.

To make matters worse, she's a client of Tom Halloran, the high-powered attorney who made Joplin's life miserable during the murder investigation that almost killed him. Now Halloran is once again dogging Joplin’s heels, demanding answers and otherwise being a pain in the … neck.

But when another woman is found murdered in the same pose, with the same elaborate pattern of blood spatter, Joplin is once again pulled into a collaboration with Halloran that will involve more bodies, a lot more blood, and a ruthless serial killer who may have ties to Atlanta's art scene.

Now the two not-quite-friends need to learn to trust each other before the secrets they’re keeping get one of them killed.

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